Closer to Peace

A dear friend of mine recently lost her mother.  She and her mother had a very troubled relationship for a very long time, and they both assumed even as her mother’s health declined, that they would remain that way until the last days.  Somehow, miraculously, in the hours remaining, my friend and her mother were

3:30 AM

The other night, I woke up in a state of panic around 3:30 am.  A cloud of parental anxiety was swirling furiously in my head.  Self doubt had settled in and taken grip, waking me from sleep and no longer allowing me to drift back to rest. Am I giving them too many treats? Are

Saying Good Bye

This weekend, we moved out of the home we have lived in for the last seven years.  In the midst of moving trucks, packing, and cleaning, the end of our time there seemed quite rushed and unceremonious.  Yet we returned for one last walk through after everything was gone, all of the furniture, toys, clothes,

Leap of Faith

I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a controlling person.  I am generally someone who can go with the flow of life circumstances, or do what is necessary to handle what life throws at me without creating too much unnecessary drama for myself. And yet, I think there is a difference between being controlling, and the