Turning Nine

This week, my daughter will turn nine years old.  Gretchen Rubin, the author of “The Happiness Project,” summarized it nicely:  “The days are long, but the years are short.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can so clearly remember being pregnant with my daughter, her delivery, those first hazy, emotional days.  I cannot


My patient sat in front of me, silent.  She was a beautiful, elderly woman, always well dressed in bright, matching outfits, and not a single hair out of place.  Her lipstick was perfectly applied.  She normally had a quick wit, joking about how she might drop a few knickknacks from my office into her handbag

Judging Our Pain

Most of my patients are in a great deal of emotional pain.  They struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other psychiatric difficulties.  Above and beyond their challenges, my patients face stigma and shame for having a mental illness, or for seeing a psychiatrist.  But I have come to see that many of my patients

The Magic of Ordinary Minutes

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life gets very full.  We find ourselves overbooked, overscheduled, overcommitted, and with diminishing time and energy to handle all of the overload.  For me, what usually ensues is a state of rushing.  Rushing from home to school, school to work, work to school, school to activities, activities to home.  Rushing

It’s Alright For Now

As a psychiatrist, mother, and writer, I do a lot of “talking” in one form or another.  A few months ago, however, I found myself in a moment of speechlessness, a true loss for words.  In fact, my very breath was taken from me. In that moment, I learned that the only son of a