Letting In The Light

I have had several recent patient encounters, where patients have been expressing frustration to me. “I should have gotten this down by now.” “I can’t believe I am still working on this.” “I feel like I am disappointing you.” I think we have all felt this way at one point in our lives…that we are

Reading On The Stairs

As I approach the one year anniversary of blogging (next week will be my 52nd weekly post), I marvel at how blogging has changed my life.  It has been my first attempt ever to stay consistent with my writing practice.  It has been my first attempt to regularly put my work “out there” in the

Discovering Our Truth

“So,” Yvonne asked me, “How is that serving you?  How is it serving anyone else?” Yvonne Whitelaw, a dear friend and physician coach, was speaking of my tendency to burn the candle at both ends, pushing myself beyond my personal limits.  I reflected on her question for a moment. We were speaking of my work-life

The Nature of Suffering

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, I apologize for my absence last week.  I had some last minute technical difficulties that precluded me from posting…I missed connecting with all of you, and am glad to be back here this week. It has been a challenging couple of weeks.  From trying to help