Navigating The Holidays After Sudden Loss

I am so proud to feature my first guest post on the blog today.  This is a beautiful and poignant essay written by Ms. Deena Baxter, the author of a book entitled, “Surviving Suicide:  Searching for Normal with Heartache and Humor.”  In her book, Deena shares the story of losing her son Kevin to suicide,

Saying Thank You

I placed my book on the desk in front of Dr. F, slightly embarrassed.  Despite all of my efforts and attempts to become friendly with vulnerability, it is still my greatest challenge.  What I know now, is that vulnerability is not just about opening up and sharing that which feels dark or shameful to us.

A Moment Of Silence

As I sit and type these words, my home feels quiet.  My daughter and husband have stepped out on an errand, my son is napping in my bedroom.  The only sound I can hear is the on again, off again snore of our English bulldog, Bubbles, as she also naps and dreams.  I am drinking

One Thing At A Time

As I write this, I am sitting at a lovely restaurant on the beach, waiting for a friend to join me for breakfast.  Such profound pleasure, to be able to sit and watch the surf crashing up onto the sand, drinking coffee, writing, and enjoying wonderful company.  I am trying to allow myself to be

The Eyes of a Child

My patient shifted around on the couch, frustrated and upset.  She was speaking of a conversation she had recently shared with her father.  My patient had finally managed to complete and submit a job application, and had eagerly shared the good news with her parents. “And then do you know what he told me?”  Tears