A Girl And Her Dogs

This morning, I went for a run with my nine year old daughter.  In Pismo Beach for the weekend, we ran along a beautiful ocean front path, with drizzles of rain intermittently trickling through the sunshine.  The waves were frothy and grey from the rain.  The roar of the ocean was loud, and yet we

The Work We Do

Over this last week, several of my patients were truly in a state of suffering.  One patient suddenly lost his sister to suicide the day before his appointment, and was racked with overwhelming shock, anger, and guilt.  Another reflected on the death of his girlfriend several years ago, a loss that took his breath away, as


Every week when I sit down to write my blog post, all I ask of myself is that I write from my heart.  Sometimes something happened during the week within my family or with my patients, that inspires me to write about a particular topic.  And sometimes I sit down at the computer and start

In The Blink Of An Eye

There is something about a new year ahead that makes me pause and think about time.  The time that has passed, the time that is yet to come, and how time can be so strange.  We can all remember moments that stretched into lifetimes, and other times, when years seemed to pass by in a