How To Start

An astute reader read my post last week, and wrote to me, “Thank you for sharing the ‘why” of your mindfulness practice…but do you mind sharing the ‘how?!’”  An oncologist, married with a toddler and a young baby, in the midst of a cross country move, and transitioning to a new position…she was no doubt

Coming Full Circle

About a month ago, I facilitated a mindfulness session for a group of about fifteen people.  It was a group of engaged, young professionals…attorneys, physicians, therapists, all of whom were also actively involved with their families, whether as parents, partners, spouses.  Many of them were new to mindfulness, but were eager to learn. They felt

Who Am I Without My Labels?

I am so happy to be back after my month long vacation from blogging.  This was the first time I had missed a week since starting my blog, and I wasn’t quite sure what it would feel like.  Normally I write my blogs on Thursday evenings, so that I have the weekend to reflect on