Knowing Pain

Hello pain.  It’s me, Monisha. I know.  When we think of pain, we think of a difficult thought, situation, feeling, reaction, physical sensation, something that generates a strong sense of avoidance and discomfort.  Our natural reaction is to resist pain.  Ironically, the resistance of pain, in fact leads to suffering.  And suffering can be harder

Expanding Time

My patient sat quietly, his hands resting in his lap, gazing out the window.  Therapy.  We had already covered the major areas of life, the “what happened” between last week and this week…the status of his marriage, how work had been, golf.  We had discussed his levels of mood and anxiety, the fact that he

A Moment of Gratitude

I have been working hard at gratitude lately.  I know that sounds kind of strange to say.  I always imagined that being thankful would come so naturally, given all of the blessings we are surrounded by on a moment to moment basis. And yet. Somehow, it is so much easier to get weighed down by

New Year’s Resolution Part 2

In last week’s post, I shared my intention to bring a little more laughter into my life.  It is amazing how something so simple, can actually be really challenging.  It is like unlearning years of a pattern or habit that in many ways served you well, but perhaps now, not so much.  But setting the

My New Year’s Resolution

As I write this, the clock reads 11:37 pm, and it is Friday night.  I am sitting in my darkened bedroom, typing as quietly as possible (if that is even a thing), while three dogs snore loudly around me.  My husband is asleep beside me.  My children have friends sleeping over, and I can hear