Magnitude of Love

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco, California.  This conference is rapidly becoming one of my favorites–not just because I can attend in yoga pants and tennis shoes, but because the conference brings together some of the greatest minds and hearts in mindfulness, compassion, technology, and

Made Up Rules

I have a confession to make.  Last week, here on my blog, I published a poem I had written called “Dreams and Hail.”  I had written the poem several weeks ago, and intended to share it back then at the time of writing it.  However, circumstances changed, and I instead wrote something else, and tucked

Dreams And Hail

Sometimes words visit me in the middle of the night, flashes of poetry and song. And I feel like a dreamcatcher, a witness of stories being offered in ways that I could never have deserved. And the only way to respond is with profound gratitude, for these words that chose me of all people at

Noticing Time

It is 10:05 pm on Wednesday night.  Within these four walls, my children sleep.  I write and dream and read and eat chocolate chip cookies, and soon, I will sleep.  Outside of these four walls, it feels like chaos is erupting. The days are spent trying to understand what type of impact I can have.