Walking Each Other Home

We are on a late afternoon walk, my 10 year old daughter and I, on this Wednesday afternoon.  School and work are done for the day, and we settle into a brief pause before homework and dinner and the evening routines.  We walk towards a gravel path that winds over mossy green hills and  creaky

Giving And Receiving

It is 2:46 am and I am sitting at my kitchen counter eating cold pizza.  I awoke about 45 minutes ago, and the timer in my mind knows that I will need to somehow fall asleep and wake again in the next few hours.  In the morning, I will drive two hours to give a


Creeping through the hallways of my dreams What is true? What is the mind, spinning half awake half asleep half truths? Even in the walking, the peering into dark doorways of possibilities and never chosen paths, the feeling inside is real and alive. How the body remembers this deep desire to discover a room that

What If?

For the last few years on my blog, I have only posted on Mondays.  Posting on the same day of the week of course provides a certain consistency for me, and also allows my readers to know what to expect when.  Yesterday, my writing coach, the fabulous Jena Schwartz posted a seemingly innocent question:  What would


The blank page is like the blank morning sky at 5:30 and 6:10 and 6:30. A canvas I have seen infinite times before and yet never like this, never this deep shade of indigo unfolding to grey tinged with hints of pink and orange until a proud blue sky emerged, until rays of light flooded my room, and an