Where I Don’t Belong

In today’s installment of what’s beautiful, I only first found what was broken, until I caught a fleeting glimpse of what laid beneath. My son’s hair a rat’s nest, but shining through were those mischievous chocolate eyes. My daughter sitting on the car seat, a tired and irritable mess of not wanting to go to camp,

Red Lipstick and the Quest For Perfection

“You awake? :)))” “Yes!” “Do you have the energy for me to unload some of my crazy on you? :)))” “Yes!” And so our text exchange began, the type of long drawn out texting that unfolds late at night, when there is so much to release, and kids’ perky ears still awake and within earshot.


In a different life, I took scalpel to skin, cut through fibrous layers of muscle and fascia to the very deepest core of our biology, in bodies dead and alive. I have held a heart in my own hand, felt its indescribable pulsating power. I have witnessed the first cries of a baby being born,

The Hustle

For the most part, I have always considered it a good thing to “hustle.”  The very word conjures up images of burning the midnight lamp, working through and around obstacles, and rising to the top one hard earned step at a time.  I think of my parents, physician immigrants from India, who had to re-do


We could wait for a thousand days and nights, a lifetime really, to be given the green light. The sign that we are good enough to try, to shine, to be out there in the world. Showing up exactly as we are without lowering our voices or keeping ourselves small. We could wait for eternities

The Power of Small

I recently took a six week mindfulness course with the wonderful Cayce Howe.  He started and ended the course with two pearls of wisdom that stay with me.  At the end of the first class, he assigned all of us a simple homework assignment:  take one mindful breath per day.  And at the end of