Dear friends, I wanted to share a few words that I had scribbled down in my journal last week.  I was traveling to San Francisco, and I found myself in my head, ruminating about various events from the past and future.  I am sure you have found yourself there too, at one time or another.

Toast And Coffee

She told me once that her depression was a howl with no end. And in her words, I could see the aching scream, moving like restless wind, rustling the leaves, leaving the night world uneasy and full of a dark distrust. Why wasn’t it okay, she wanted to know, to have no clue what she wanted

Fooling Around

When I first started my blog a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  My initial vision was to share a few brief thoughts that might help my readers bring a bit more mindfulness into their lives.  What actually evolved as I started writing was something I never could have