About Last Night

Lately when I sit down to write, I feel a compelling desire to ground myself.  I write something that often begins like this:  “It is 10:02 pm on Thursday night in Southern California.  I am sitting at my desk, the house around me quiet…” I wonder why there is such a need within me right


On a recent family vacation to Disney World, I found myself sitting in a black motorcycle seat, pressed forward against a chest restraint, legs locked into place, about to enter into the motion simulated, virtual reality world of an Avatar ride.  I am generally apprehensive about any ride that makes me feel terrified or motion

The Sun And Moon

There is a 6:15 am sunrise trying to climb above dark green mountains. The pale light starts to wake a sleepy sky, and creates glowing patches across my morning coffee. I want to trust in whatever makes the sun rise today and every day. I want to believe in the moon that knows to hang

Back To School

As I write this, I am sitting on my bed, around 9:30 pm on Monday night, Labor Day.  The house is restless with all sorts of end-of-summer feelings.  Tomorrow is the start of fifth and fourth grade, as well as my daughter’s eleventh birthday. We are woefully unprepared for school.  The backpacks lay in the