On a recent family vacation to Disney World, I found myself sitting in a black motorcycle seat, pressed forward against a chest restraint, legs locked into place, about to enter into the motion simulated, virtual reality world of an Avatar ride.  I am generally apprehensive about any ride that makes me feel terrified or motion […]

The Love Of A Child

Last week, I returned home from work to find my kids excitedly scurrying around the kitchen.  On the counter lay cupcakes in a flower pattern, with four candles lit in celebration of my birthday.  They had created an array of colorful handmade cards and paintings.  My daughter had used her hard earned money to buy […]

Noticing Time

It is 10:05 pm on Wednesday night.  Within these four walls, my children sleep.  I write and dream and read and eat chocolate chip cookies, and soon, I will sleep.  Outside of these four walls, it feels like chaos is erupting. The days are spent trying to understand what type of impact I can have. […]

Turning Ten

Dear Lakshmi, Today, you turn ten years old.  You are turning a corner, a decade of life, moving into the double digits.  I can’t believe it.  Time has flown by, and somehow in the blink of an eye, you have evolved into a conscious, aware human being, one with a personality and a voice, with […]

My New Year’s Resolution

As I write this, the clock reads 11:37 pm, and it is Friday night.  I am sitting in my darkened bedroom, typing as quietly as possible (if that is even a thing), while three dogs snore loudly around me.  My husband is asleep beside me.  My children have friends sleeping over, and I can hear […]

The Three Words Every Child Should Hear

I have been hearing whispers of the same emotion all around me these days.  A dear, dear friend, going through a terrible break up, speaks of how fundamentally awful and unlovable she really is.  A blind patient, struggling her way through vocational training, tells me how biased I am when I commend her determination.  If […]

The Way Forward

One of my dear friends and I were recently having brunch on a Wednesday in Laguna Beach.  It was an unplanned and wonderful moment.  We both have full schedules, and yet we were able to meet and eat and drink coffee and stare at the ocean and talk about what was happening in our lives. […]

Falling Asleep

Tonight, I laid down with my son to put him to sleep.  We don’t often do this, but tonight was somehow different.  I laid down next to him, and rubbed his back. “Can you stay until I fall asleep?,” he asked. “Well…I can stay for a few more minutes.  But then I have to go […]