The blank page is like the blank morning sky at 5:30 and 6:10 and 6:30. A canvas I have seen infinite times before and yet never like this, never this deep shade of indigo unfolding to grey tinged with hints of pink and orange until a proud blue sky emerged, until rays of light flooded my room, and an

Dreams And Hail

Sometimes words visit me in the middle of the night, flashes of poetry and song. And I feel like a dreamcatcher, a witness of stories being offered in ways that I could never have deserved. And the only way to respond is with profound gratitude, for these words that chose me of all people at

The Weight of Silence

Why have I been silent all of these years? A quiet, sterile surface, afraid of not having answers, afraid of my own ignorance and privilege, afraid of ruffling feathers. I have been silent. Silent like tears falling at night, silent like a flower wilting to powder, silent like storm clouds brewing. Silent. But now, the


“Have I made enough progress? ” she asked, electric anxiety coursing through her words, and a certain familiar tremble in her voice. What is the true question, I wondered. Is she enough now? Is she worthy now, of love, of attention, of respect? Could she finally rest? Echoes of questions that I have posed to

Staying Open

I remember being a very sensitive child growing up.  I was always attuned to the emotional state of others, aware of energetic shifts and the pain of those around me.  Similarly, I was easily affected by the words and actions of those around me.  It only took a quick, off handed comment or a sideways

The Power Of Words

As someone who has always loved to read and write, I have always believed in the immense power of words.  Words create beauty, evoke feeling, tell the stories that tie us to our lives and our experiences and ultimately to each other.  Yet the power of words took on an entirely different dimension when I