Dreams And Hail


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Mental Health

Meaningful Self Care
for Moms


Sometimes words visit me
in the middle of the night,
flashes of poetry and song.
And I feel like a dreamcatcher,
a witness of stories being offered
in ways that I could never have deserved.
And the only way to respond is with
profound gratitude,
for these words that chose me of all people
at 4 am on tuesday morning.
To be honest, that is as close to a miracle
as I get these days,
and I will gladly take it.
I will turn on the light and
write the words that want to be written,
sacrifice sleep for this feeling
of joy and connection to something
beyond the reach of my four walls.
Yes, of course there is the daily work too,
the practice without magic,
the long dry stretches.
But my secret wish is that
they are simply preparation
for these moments of receiving.
Somehow, this mid-night grace
reminds me of that time
when hail fell in sudden raucous downpour.
And my kids and I looked up in surprise and
breathless delight that we were home,
home on Monday morning
that is normally school and work
To witness this majestic display
of ice falling from the sky.
Before were endless days of damp drizzle,
until finally, finally our chance
to feel something,
to embody something
greater and grander
than we could ever understand.

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