The Sun And Moon


Restorative Rituals for
Mental Health

Meaningful Self Care
for Moms


There is a 6:15 am sunrise
trying to climb above
dark green mountains.
The pale light starts to
wake a sleepy sky,
and creates glowing patches
across my morning coffee.
I want to trust in
whatever makes the sun rise
today and every day.
I want to believe in
the moon that knows to
hang bright and round
as another day closes.
The sun and the moon,
they make me believe
that the path ahead is
and that my only job
is to keep

Love Notes

  • 41

    As I enter into my 41st year, I felt a sudden desire to return here to my blog and write.  It has been awhile.  I have shared poems and other words on social media, and a few here as well.  But, it has been some time since I have sat down to reflect, write out

  • Hold On

    For you whose light has been dimmed in an already dark world— For you whose voice has been muted in a loud screaming world— For you who feels lost in a world full of mirrors— Breathe. When every warm body is out of reach, you have the power to hold your own heart with a

  • Waking Up

    Holding hands in the dark, the wash of moonlight spilling onto the sheets. A kiss on my cheek and a hug that lingers long enough to feel the solid warmth of skin and bone. The breath of a sunset sky, and the heat of thunder and lightning pouring cleansing waters from above. A singular burgundy