If we are too busy for ourselves, each other, and what matters most, perhaps our lives have led us away from our hearts.

Why Retreat?

The practice of retreats in meditation is not new. In fact, retreats date back to as early at 1500 BCE. Today, we see retreats in all different shapes and forms.

Yet, the underlying goals of retreats remain in unison: to temporarily leave behind the usual distractions of everyday living, to develop an inner stillness; an ongoing transformation of the heart.

Bridging Creativity and Meditation: InWord Workshops and Retreats

The InWord Process is a series of six steps that bring meditation and creativity together.

The steps are specifically designed to be easy, accessible, powerful, fun, and flexible. The process can be accessed through workshops, retreats, coaching, or our app; once learned, our hope is that you can take this process with you, wherever you go, and walk yourself through it.

Founded by psychiatrist, Dr. Monisha Vasa, and expert meditation teacher, Cayce Howe,InWord draws from a diverse and profound range of traditions, including meditation, mindfulness, language, psychology, psychiatry, spirituality, and narrative medicine.

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